Artistic direction

Giovanni Piperno

Giovanni Piperno


Long experienced Giovanni Piperno is one the most awarded and recognized documentary director in Italy.

After studying photography at European Institute of Design and with Leonard Freed (Magnum agency), he worked as assistant DOP with Terry Gilliam, Martin Scorsese, Nanni Moretti, Giuseppe Rotunno, Dante Spinotti, Giuseppe Lanci, John Seale, Janusz Kaminski, Roger Deakins.

Some of his most important Film

– L’esplosione, winner at Torino Film Festival 2003 and David di Donatello nominated as best documentary

– CIMAP! Cento italiani matti a Pechino, Locarno Festival 2008 and Libero Bizzarri award 2009

– Le cose belle, co-directd with Agostino Ferrente, winner of more than 25 national and international awards

– Se avessi le parole and Quasi eroi, two short film made with Tor Sapienza Film Lab and presented to Festa del Cinema of Rome 2015. Quasi Eroi won Nastro d’Argento as best short film in 2016.


”It was an honor for me to accept the call from Stefano Rulli. The meeting with PerSo Film Festival amazing staff definitively convinced me to take this bet, with the aim of making this Festival one of the most important Documentary film Festival”

Direzione artistica

Artistic direction

The delicate task of choosing the films that will compete at PerSo Film Festival have been given to a group of young and prepared cinema experts from Umbria, the three owner of the innovative cinema PostModernissimo, a beautiful multiplex in city center of Perugia. They are Giacomo Caldarelli, Ivan Frenguelli and Andrea Mincigrucci. In 2018 they won Premio Lizzani at Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, a special Award given to the ‘bravest’ cinema in Italy. Their goal is to constantly raise the quality of the films screening in PerSo, especially those film which have not strong distribution and that could be very rare to be seen in theaters in Italy.

La Città del Sole - Onlus


PerSo Film Festival is organized by non-profit Foundation La Città del Sole ONLUS.
La Città del Sole ONLUS is a foundation created to build life paths for people with psychic and mental disabilities, who would otherwise be at great risk of institutionalization.
Since 1998, La Città del Sole ONLUS works in the city of Perugia in the health, socio-health and socio-cultural fields, carrying out innovative life projects directed to autonomy and integration for psychiatric patients.
You may wonder why a psychiatric and mental health Foundation feels the need to organize a Film Festival. In our opinion cultural activities are a complementary and meaningful part of our social and healthcare mission. In order to allow a perfect integration we have to take care not only of our patients’ life conditions, but also of the social context where they are living and the way of thinking diversity by the so-called ‘normal’