The Foundation

La Città del Sole Foundation – Non-profit is a reality created to build life paths for people with psychicand mental disabilities, who would otherwise be at great risk of institutionalization.

Since 1998, it works in the city of Perugia in the health, socio-health and socio-cultural fields, carrying out innovative life projects directed to autonomy and integration for psychiatric patients.



The PRISMA Project (Programma di Ricerca-Intervento Salute Mentale e Autonomie) aims to find and/or strengthen and/or construct a network of “normal” situations of residency, employment, leisure time, vacation, in which people with mental-health problems find quality answers to their needs.

PRISMA offers an alternative life project e to institutionalization forpeople with severe, medium-severe, mild mental disabilities, involving in its activities a variety of public and private, individual and collective subjects, elaborating and implementing “integrated life projects”.

A distinctive feature of the PRISMA Project is the organization of living as a Care Pact: each of our patient lives in a different house  not with other patients, but with people who are in need of housing, mostly students who are based in the city, who are given free rent in exchange for cohabitation.

PerSo – Perugia Social Film Festival

With a view to the inclusion and overcoming of prejudices on mental disability, activities linked to culture become the fundamental basis of a fusion path between the social aspect and the health one.

The natural evolution of these premises was to think of an activity that could narrate mental disability taken from different points of view, with one of the most complete and fascinating languages: the cinematographic and documentary one.

From that, in 2014, we created PerSon, an international festival of documentary cinema that, starting from mental disability, spreads to the social in the widest sense of the term andto the reality of life lived.


The AUXILIA project stems from the desire to offer innovative solutions to the field of Psychiatry through the research and development of ideas in the field of social technologies, in order to improve the living conditions of psychiatric patients with the introduction and implementationof technological aids.

AUXILIA arises from the idea of developing the therapeutic-rehabilitative potential of the P.R.I.S.M.A. project, which lends itself to being the ideal context for the introduction of technological aids and related strategies of use, in order to improve the autonomy of the person with psychological disorders and strengthen the resources involved.

The goal is to create favorable conditions for the deployment of the maximum degree of potential patient functioning through the development and implementationof technological aids designed from scratch or adapted ad hoc to each single context that support a clinical intervention centered on the relational components.

FuoriPorta Psychiatric Day Center

A benchmark for the socio-cultural activities gravitating around the historical Center of Perugia, the FuoriPorta Psychiatric Day Center is open not only to psychiatric patients but also and above all to all the associations working on the ground.

The activities are inspired first of all by what the Foundation has been successfully doing for years: wide-ranging cinematographic activities, events, exhibitions and meetings, cinema and audiovisual literacy workshops. The Center is also home to a “Radio of mental Health“, a neighborhood Caretaking and a new Time Bank and meeting place for recreational activities that also integrate psychiatric patients.

FuoriPorta is a shared space open to citizens. The project meets two main needs: on the one hand, it offers the city a multi-purpose center, open and equipped to carry out different types of activities and to respond to a need frequently expressed by various city realities; on the other hand it contributes to the social integration of psychiatric patients in order to work against the risk of social exclusion, eradicating the stigma that too often exist and which prevents them from developing their potential and expressing their skills and competences.

A corner of social economy

The project stems from a collaboration with Monimbò Bottega del Mondo soc. coop. social.

The relations between the two companies took their first steps in the early 2000s. Thanks to this collaboration, over the years some patients of the Foundation have experimented with job placement paths within the Fair Trade Shopof Perugia.

At the beginning of 2016, the Monimbò Cooperative launched a new project, also opening up to other forms of sustainable economy, starting from organic/0 km/social farming, through responsible and sustainable tourism, to the long term goal of the creation of a place that is a point of aggregation, with administration/bar, the possibility to listen to music, watch videos, read books and get together. The new project immediately entered into a collaboration with the Foundation “La città del sole” – Non Profit, which has always viewed the Bottega as an ideal place for work placement and socialization for its patients.



Alongside the experimentation of new social models for integration, the Foundation intends to activate at best the moment of communication of the experiences made.

This happened with the videofilm Sto lavorando? by Daniele Segre, “FEDIC” award at the 1998 Venice Film Festival and “Filmaker” award in Milan, and with the film Un silenzio particolare by Stefano Rulli, presented in competition at the 61st Venice International Film Festival in 2004 in the “Digital Cinema” section, David di Donatello 2005 as best documentary feature film, special mention as best documentary at the 2006 Nastri d’argento, Best Documentary Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2005, Panorama at the Lincoln Center – Open Roads 2005, Panorama at the Mittelcinemafest – Festival Centro-Europeo del Cinema Italiano 2005, Prix des Lecteurs du Dauphiné LibéréPrix Mention Spéciale CICAE and Prix Mention Spéciale du Jury at the  Cinema Italien” Festival by Annecy 2005.

Finally, the Foundation is active in publications and the production of specific material on the activities carried out and with the realization of conferences and seminars that allow to better know and discuss the issues of mental health in a wide field.


Lifelong learning is an obligation for the Foundation; it is naturally addressed within (operators, parents, volunteers, etc.) and outside (internships, agreements with Universities, etc.).

The Foundation also undertakes several initiatives through volunteer groups and its national support network for fundraising to enable the development of its activities.

The Foundation has established and is an active part of a national network in collaboration with many local associations, in order to promote in different areas projects based on a new model of diversity integration, in particularthe mental and psychiatric one.