by Roberto Andò, Italia, 2002, 55’

Il cineasta e il labirinto – The Filmmaker and the Labyrinth by Roberto Andò, Italy, 2002, 55′

The human, professional and artistic profile of Francesco Rosi, as told by one of his closest collaborators, but also and above all a friend of the great maestro. The most significant sequences of his masterpieces alongside testimonies of Martin Scorsese, Giuseppe Tornatore, Tullio Kezich. With the voice of Rosi to make the difference, in a story that is not limited to the movies, but becomes a lesson in civil dignity and intellectual coherence.
To be followed by a discussion with Roberto Andò.

April, Saturday 18. h 18.30
Cinema PostModernissimo (via del Carmine, Perugia)

Roberto Andò began his career in the cinema as assistant to Francesco Rosi, Federico Fellini, Michael Cimino and Francis Ford Coppola. In 2013 he made his first film Viva la libertà. He recently co-directed with Marco Betta Il quadro nero, a theatre piece with music and film, the text written by Andrea Camilleri.

Roberto Andò will speak at the following events:
16:00 – 18:00  sunday 19 
Cinema Postmodernissimo 
Il caso Mattei by Francesco Rosi (1922-2015)

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