110 Metri ad ostacolo
Umbria in celluloide

By Daniele Giangreco
Italia, 2020, 7′

Wednesday 6th october Cinema Zenith – 16.15

Writer: Daniele Giangreco
Directors: Francesca Parrini e Gabriele Busi
With: Giulia Zeetti and Daniele Giangreco


Girls and boys in Europe, in Rome, suffer in their adolescence made of division due to competition, gender differences, fragile souls, often unattainable expectations. Boys and girls in Syria, in Aleppo, in a war zone, having instead as primary need to stay united to fight close to each other. Each of them finds obstacles in the race to victory or salvation. Each of them tries to overcome them with the help of the other or by counting on their own strength, in the hope of a future to be built. A future that is the image of a solid house, not of rubble. The intent is to bring the viewer to experience the two realities at the same moment, in a continuous change of perspective that aims at the idea of ​​ a welcoming Europe. A poor cinema is used, only two actors and a few objects in an empty room but it’s rich in humanity.

Daniele Giangreco
Circus artist and trainer, also for “social” circus. I have done projects and shows in Italy, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Palestine, Israel, Japan. I am one of the founders of Circo Instabile Perugia and AltroCirco. I have collaborated with many organizations, including Slow Label Tokyo, Circus Woesh Belgium and Cirque du Monde / Cirque du soleil Canada.

Biography Giulia Zeetti
Actress and singer. I worked for Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria, Fontemaggiore, Occhi sul mondo, Teatro Persona, Donati & Olesen, theatre Le Maschere. Operator at the toy museum in Perugia.

Francesca Parrini
Journalist, videomaker, photographer. I deal with writing, filming, editing and video post production.

Gabriele Busi
Photographer and video maker in the advertising, promotional and events fields. I work mainly for companies and agencies.