A noi rimane il mondo
PerSo Cinema Italiano

By Armin Ferrari
Italy, 2022, 78’ 

Wednesday, 05, Zenith Cinema, Via Benedetto Bonfigli 5, 9:30 p.m.

Original Title: A noi rimane il mondo 

Director: Armin Ferrari

Producer: Roberto Cavallini

Executive Producer: Wilfried Gufler

Director of Cinematography: Harald Erschbaumer

Editing: Marina Baldo

Music: Simonluca Laitempergher

Sound: Maurizio Vescovi

Production: Altrove Films (IT), Albolina Film (IT)

In collaboration with: Kinè, Home Movies


A noi rimane il mondo narrates the ramifications of the creative work of Wu Ming, the Italian collective of militant and avant-garde writers, starting with their blog GIAP and their commitment to shaping a different narrative of the last two decades of counter culture and political struggle in Italy. A collective of collectives: from Molotov Mountaineering to Nicoletta Bourbaki, from Antar Mohamed to the Resistance in Cyrenaica collective, the documentary explores a florilegium of narratives counterpointed by the voices of the Wu Ming, who, traversing the film transversely and addressing various landscape issues, complete the narrative of a multitude of stories linked by a shared poetics.


Observing the Wu Ming Foundation in a precise instant is equivalent to observing a fresco, grasping its harmony, accepting it, and at the same time perceiving that that contemplation returns nothing more than an instant, an illusion of coherence in a flow of history that has stretched to that point and from that point has then continued to flow. These collective fragments, these pockets of resistance that appear in very different virtual and real moments and places, must necessarily be stitched together so that the source code appears through the sum of the parts. There is a dichotomy that I have always found perfect in Wu Ming’s production. It is an obvious fascination with aesthetic rigor combined with a taste for composition and a certain order in constructing the narrative as an antithesis to the indomitable explosion of the archive (understood as a component of historical and documented reality) that tears apart any possibility of controlled formalism and permeates all narratives with unpredictability. It seems an impossible coexistence, and yet it is in this constant tension that I find the deepest meaning of Wu Ming, the magic recipe that allows everything to become an electric shock that runs up your spine while you are spellbound observing the world.

Armin Ferrari

After studying scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona and attending a course in theatrical multimedia, Armin Ferrari chose to entrust the world of video with his expressiveness. His contribution in the videoscenographic sphere began in 2008 with the show MOZartoons, continued in 2010 with Fidelio directed by Manfred Schweigkofler, turned in 2012 with The Tyrant in the service of English director Michael Hunt and, in the same year, with Dittico directed by Nicola Ulivieri. In 2013 he returned to work with Michael Hunt for Hänsel und Gretel and began a collaboration with Michele Fiocchi in the field of prose with the show Game Over to be followed, in 2015, by Giochi Spenti. He curates short documentaries for television, including Bolzano Danza – Istantanea di un festival (2017) and the video image for the opera Curon / Graun (2018) by OHT Filippo Andreatta with music by Arvo Part presented at Romaeuropa Festival 2018. A noi rimane il mondo is his first feature-length documentary work.


Bolzano Danza – Istantanea di un festival (2017) 

Curon / Graun (2018 – immagine video) 

A noi rimane il mondo (2022)