Categoria Umbria in Celluloide

by Stefano Ceccarelli, Gabriele Anastasio
Italia, 2020, 60’


Directors: Gabriele Anastasio e Stefano Ceccarelli
Music: Lucio Canu
Color correction: Eros Guerra
Production: Laboratorio di Cinema Gabriele Anastasio, Stefano Ceccarelli, Regione Umbria


The documentary opens with a tribute to Pasolini and his Comizi D’amore (1965). The authors start from that brief homage and take us on a new journey, more intimate and less political, to investigate love in its various forms. It is the feeling par excellence, but also the most unfathomable, to the point that a single voice is not enough to describe it. Amori collects the testimonies of needs, detachments, losses, compromises, explorations, purity, tenacity, salvation and consolation. A documentary about love, but, above all, about those who love. A small open window on a vast and often superficially addressed topic. As the authors themselves write, it is “a small film stirring among sharks in the open sea”.

Stefano Ceccarelli was born on 05/11/1982 in Fano and since 2012 he lives in Perugia. He began attending the Gabriele Anastasio Cinema workshop, creating several works together. Born as a shooting operator / editor but thanks to the work done with Gabriele has learned and is specializing in directing.


Gabriele Anastasio was born on 20/09/59 in Castellammare di Stabia. For years he has lived in Perugia where he works in the theatrical and film fields. In 2001 he founded the Permanent Cinema Laboratory Gabriele Anastasio in Perugia, a workshop where many young people have gone and have found work in the field of cinema.