Après le silence

PerSo Short

By Sonam Larcin
Belgium, 2018, 23’
Production IAD
Monday 7, 6.00 pm, Cinema Méliès


Having fled his country, David had to leave behind the man he loves. He remembers him, their life together, the society that forced them to lead a clandestine life. In order to obtain refugee status, he will now have to speak for the first time about his secrete life he has always kept hidden in himself.

Sonam Larcin

Sonam Larcin was born in Brussels, Belgium. After completing a degree in bio-engineering, he taught sciences and traveled for a few years. The great interest that he had always had for cinema has gradually turned into a need to be part of it. While working on personal projects, he then began to study at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion to become a director. The subjects he has been dealing with since then are often closely related to the need to break taboos and the quest for identity.

In 2017, he directed the short film Tristan, which deals with some issues related to same-sex parenting. The film is selected in more than forty festivals, wins several awards, including Best Short Film, and is shortlisted for the BAFTA Student Awards 2018. He then directs a short documentary that draws a portrait of a homosexual asylum seeker, After the silence. He is now developing a short fiction, On My Way.