by Gianluca Stazi and Giuseppe Casu
Italy, 2018, 44’44 ’’
Saturday 5, 7.00 pm, Cinema Méliès

Screenplay: Gianluca Stazi, Giuseppe Casu
Production: Documentary Traits
Co-production Radio Rai 3


The time of the mines is kept in the flooded galleries, among the remains of the mining villages, in the red waters that cross the dunes, in the choices of a master, in the voice of a carbide lamp, in an old magnetic tape. Dark, pay, danger, water, wagon, laundry, explosive, fear, puncher, bedaux, occupation, stopwatch, shift, tunnel, mineral, well. These are some words that inhabit this past, following them we met the sense of Us, dignity in work and the uncontrollable desire to be able to leave something good for children. At least the story of who we were.

PRIX EUROPE 2018 as Best European Radio Documentary.


Giuseppe Casu was born in Cagliari (Italy) on 3 March 1968. He graduated in physics in 1993 and then lived in Paris, Florence, Rome, Turin. He studied cinema in Paris, Prato and Rome. He animated ateliers with children in Paris and cineforums with inmates in Tuscany. He currently conducts a competition for first-time directors of short films in Carbonia. Lives in Rome. He made the creation documentaries: Senza Ferro (SIEFF 2010), L’amore e la follia (TorinoFF, Bifest, TrentoFF 2012), The presage of the spider (Cinemambiente, Life After Oil 2015), Ballata in minor (Cinemambiente 2019).


Gianluca Stazi was born Tivoli (Rome) on 3 February 1978. He has worked as a sound editor for cinema for more than 15 years. He is co-founder of the Tratti Documentari association “meetings with places, people and stories” with which he deals with the promotion and dissemination of the culture of listening and storytelling, through the production of audiovisuals and radio works. Author of the audio documentary “Il Sottosopra” (The Upside Down), winner of the Prix Italia 2018 and of the Prix Europa 2018.