Umbria in celluloide 2017


by Chiara Ortolani, UK, 2015, 4’


He is elegant and vulgar, he lives in lust but he is also a kind of philosopher. He does not care about the others, but the others cares about him. It is like the Power, which tries to use you but it is in some way attractive. The girl is following him like a Joan of Arc. There are people who follows something and are sucked in completely by it, to the point of being destroyed. Both are strong people in different ways. Both obsessed by something. She sees clearly what she is going towards, but she keeps going on, and on, until colliding with him, with the person who has not to be discussed, never. Kill her to be quiet and eat, or possess her, or both at the same time. Eventually, it all starts again like before, now all is quiet, he can start eating again. The Power will not be discussed, just adore it and never pretend, in this way all will be fine.

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