PerSo short 2017

C’est pas grave – Il y a une syrienne, une kenyane et une mongole

by Stefano Gabbiani e Elisabetta Michienzi,  Italy, 2017, 20’


C’est pas grave

This looks like the start of a joke, but it isn’t: three young women, a Syrian, a Kenyan and a Mongolian, meet up by chance in Bordeaux while studying French and dreaming of a different life. One day, almost by miracle, three distant worlds and cultures meet, listen to and comfort each other, seeking shelter from a violent wind of fear and intolerance blowing from the outside. A difficult past, a future full of uncertainties and, in between, a story of friendship and integration in the feminine. Against the background of the 2017 French presidential election, their encounter represents a concrete example of building bridges just when the talk in Europe is about walls again.

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