Ci sarà una volta
Umbria in Celluloide

By Paolo Geremei
Italia, 2021, 42′

Wednesday 6th october Cinema Méliès – 18.00

International title: There Will be a Time 
Director: Paolo Geremei
Script: Cosimo Calamini, Paolo Geremei, Andrea Satta
Photography: Lorenzo Casadio
Sound: Frank Rousselle
Edition: Adriano Patruno
Audio post production: Stefano di Fiore 
Production: Tête de bois
Under patronage of: SIAE
Executive production: Redigital srl


Khadija, Adriana, Susanna and Betty are very different mothers in their origins, culture and habits. However, they have something in common: the great desire to know, to open up and not to be afraid. “There Will Be a Time” shows the life of four women who have decided to tell their stories with the means of fairy tales.

The clinic is a large colorful room that welcomes children, mothers, grandparents and siblings every day and not only for colds or measles. Indeed, what used to be a place for listening, has become also a place for meeting, which soon multiplied, giving life to the “Tour delle mamme narranti (Tour of the narrating mothers). The initial group of four turned to dozens, and then many more. On bus trips to Arquata del Tronto, behind the stage in Lecce before reading a fairy tale, on the Turin tram telling stories of Nigerian lions or Romanian frogs: mothers travel in their memory to remind themselves of the fairy tales with which they fell asleep when they were little, and to share stories that would otherwise be very difficult to know.

Mothers from many other Italian cities have in turn opened their homes and prepared the beds to welcome them, to know, to discover more about others and, at the same time, about themselves. Roberto Vecchioni, Nada, Sergio Staino, Peppe Barra and many other artists got on the train of Centocelle or on top of the castle of Lari to accompany the fairy tales, in their own way. Storytellers and itinerants, always, with their fundamental, vital, emblematic testimonies, accompany doctors and writers, children and young fathers. Between anthropology, music and pages of books “There Will Be a Time” tells a fabulous journey.

Four mothers, four lives, and many fairy tales to show how it is possible, always, to be strong in a difficult world.

Paolo Geremei

Graduated from DAMS in “Theories and techniques of cinematographic language”, he began his activity as an editor and film critic, creating the magazine, then he was assistant director of the Taviani brothers, Stefano Sollima, Renato De Maria, Patrice Leconte and many others. He directed the Second Unit of the TV movie “Crimini” by Stefano Sollima (Rai Due) and some scenes from the TV series “District di Polizia” and “R.I.S.” (Canale 5, Italy 1). The short films Blu (2019), Allleuja (2018), Oltre la linea (2015) and Rossa Super (2009) have received numerous awards at festivals, such as the documentary film “Zero a Zero ” (2013, RAITRE). He is the artistic director of the “Calcio Solidale Film Festival”, the first Italian film festival of Cinema and Football. His debut feature film “Din Don – The Return ” was broadcast in prime time on Italia1 with excellent ratings. He directs commercials for TV and the web.