Come il bianco

PerSo Short

By Alessandra Celesia
France, 2020, 19’ 

Friday, Oct. 07, Postmodernissimo Cinema, Via del Carmine 4, 3:30 p.m.

Original title: Like the White

Director: Alessandra Celesia 

Sound: Frédéric De Ravignan, Carole Verner, Laure Arto

DOP and color grading: François Chambe

Editing: Nicolas Milteau

Music: Jean-Jacques Palix

Producer: Kévin Rousseau, Nicolas Breviere

Cast: Adriana Pignatelli Mangoni, Aurélie De Solere


« The overpowering need to tell you,

to see you, to hold you

within the magmatic warmth of your beauty.

The delicate longing for your voice.

The longing for your image. »


Each day Adriana paints volcanos. She explores their craters to uncover the mystery they hold within. But behind her passion hides a great sorrow that she struggles with daily. Her visits to the slopes of Vesuvius are her way of keeping open an uninterrupted dialogue.

Alessandra Celesia

 Alessandra Celesia was born in 1970, she is a director and writer. She attended the theater schools of Philippe Gaulier and Jacques Lecoq in Paris. She takes part of numerous prose groups in Italy and France and has starred in The Turnout and in Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevskij, performances staged by the Shibboleth Theater Company of Belfast. She was artistic director of the Sinequa-non company and, in Aosta, of the Coldée de Théâtre (in 1997 and 1998); he has curated theater workshops in many European countries. She was the producer and screenwriter of John McDuff’s short film Ardita.



A man comes out of the sand. A woman comes out of the sea. The shrimp sing and the waves carry everything away.


John Clancy, a bookseller in Belfast, has built his ark on the scaffolding of his small brick house, where hundreds of unsold books chroncle the shipwreck of a city and searches for a new path among the pages yellowed by time the cigarette consumed without moderation.


Five young people from Turin conduct a job interview for Alaska in search of a better life.


Naples. A Virgin with bruise on her cheek who performs miracles. Three female characters, each connected to the Virgin in their own way but who never meet.