PerSo Masterpiece 2017

El Futuro Perfecto

by Nele Wohlatz, Argentina, 2016, 65’


El Futuro Perfecto

Xiaobin is 17 and unable to speak a word in Spanish, when she arrives to Argentina. However, just a few days later, she’s already given a new name, Beatriz, and a job at a Chinese supermarket. Her family lives in the parallel universe of their laundromat, aparted from the Argentineans. Hiding from her parents, Xiaobin starts saving money and signs up at a language school. Whatever she learns in Spanish class, she tries it out on the street. After learning the lesson ‘Setting up an appointment’ she sets up a date with an Indian client of the supermarket. She can hardly communicate herself with Vijay. Nevertheless, they start a secret relationship. After practicing the conditional, the tense of the hypothetical future, imagination springs into her new life and Xiaobin starts to think about her future. What could happen if her parents find out about her Indian boyfriend? The better her Spanish gets, the more Xiaobin intervenes in the writing of the film. Her Chinese classmates comment on the ongoing as a choir. The Perfect Future becomes a rehearsal room for the new life of Xiaobin.

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