Categoria PerSo Masterpiece

By Sara Fgaier
Italy/France, 2018, 20’
Production: Dugong Films (Marco Alessi) with Rai Cinema, Films Grand Huit (Lionel Massol & Pauline Seigland)
Thursday 10, 19.00, Cinema Postmodernissimo


A woman narrates the script of Gli anni, a few pieces picked up on the shores of a timeless Sardinia. Neither the words nor the images claim to tell the whole of its story: the places of the past emerge as reverberations of a fragmentary and shifting memory, bathed in a new light.

Gestures, faces, scenes of family life, reassembled and disconnected from their original context, become expressive elements of a confession that is at once self-discovery and collective account. Bodies and shadows, small objects and landscapes of the past make up the verses of the story of a life, like a promise to be renewed, inscribed in the exchange between the archive and the word.

Sara Fgaier

Born in La Spezia in 1982. He graduated in History and Criticism of Cinema at the University of Bologna.
In 2005 he participated in the film making school Fare Cinema directed by Marco Bellocchio and began to collaborate with Pietro Marcello: assistant director of the documentary Il passaggio della linea (2007); assistant director, researcher of repertoire images and editor of the film La bocca del lupo (2009), winner of the Turin Film Festival, the Berlin Festival and numerous other international awards; editor of the documentary Silence of Pelešjan (2011).

He supervises the editing of the documentary Il Treno va a Mosca (2013) by Federico Ferrone and Michele Manzolini and collaborates in the editing of the film Sacro Gra (2013) by Gianfranco Rosi, Leone d’Oro at the 70th Venice Film Festival.
In 2012 he won the Film section of the international Rolex initiative “Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative”, and worked for a year under the guidance of editor, sound designer and director Walter Murch.