Friday 11, 9.00 pm, Cinema Postmodernissimo

An anarchic accumulation of images and sequences recorded between the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 2000s, by the man with the camera, Enrico Ghezzi, constitutes the foundation of this film, which becomes a pretext for the formation of an archive – or an-archive, to reaffirm the freedom of images with respect to those who produced them and those who enjoy them – which collects moments of life that happened in countless places and moments. In the time that passes through conversations, lunches and breakfasts on the banks of the Ganges or in a cold bar in Berlin, it tells of a memory that is both personal and collective, rewound, filtered and selected by an electric video device of people, pre and film post, an orchestra, an editorial office, the Machine that captures the surplus, which points to the dissuasion of the concept of the individual authorship, in favor of a collective genius.

There is no specific theme, nothing that forces images into a pre-established frame, nor a hierarchy by which certain things are more useful than others, we want to demonstrate how life simply happens, in a non-stop pace of time, in a sequence of.

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