Io sono la vita (I am life)

PerSo Award - PerSo 2016

Io sono la vita (I am life)

by Giacomo Pecci and Stefano Teodori, Italy, 2016, 40′

Io sono la vita

Two old women, the last survivors of the agricultural civilization in contemporary times, make a pilgrimage to discover the places where Padre Pio from Petralcina walked on his ascendent path towards sanctity. For one day, the two protagonists leave the land where they were born and raised in search of Faith in its most imperious and alienating manifestation. With an incisive and desecrating look, this documentary follows the journey from their home until the Saintís mausoleum. The scenes portray two women who can wander between the exoteric and ancestral believes inhearited from their land and the heavenly splendour of the sanctuary.
“I am life” is a portrait of a culture almost gone , the last stream flowing on the riverbed of a dried river.

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