PerSo Award 2017


by Felipe Frozza and Uli Decker, Germany/Italy, 2017, 59’





“Kelly” is a brazilian transsexual who found refuge in a mediterranean holiday village in Italy. She lives on prostitution and desperately looks for the love of her life. Carrying the scars of a harsh past, she keeps pursuing her childhood dream of being a singer and actress. One day she sees a man in the street and falls in love with the unknown stranger. Too shy to approach him, she seeks guidance in rituals of the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé and transforms her desires into imaginative performances. Her close friends accompany her, but often disagree with her romantic ideals. The film is a psychological portrait of a complex and contradictory person who reflects human hopes and dreams in an often excessive way and continues her search for love and fulfilment against all odds.

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