La Tana

Umbria in Celluloide

By Beatrice Baldacci
Italy, 2021, 90’

Sunday, Oct. 02, Méliès Cinema, Via della Viola 1, 3 p.m.

Original Title: La Tana 

Director: Beatrice Baldacc

Scriptwriters: Beatrice Caldacci, Edoardo Puma

Producer: Lumen Films

Executive Producers: Andrea Gori, Alma Bartromo


Giulio has just turned eighteen and lives in the country with his parents. Once again he will spend the summer with his family, without ever leaving his home. In the house next door, uninhabited for years, arrives Lia, a bold, grumpy and introverted twenty-year-old girl. Lia starts Giulio into some strange and increasingly dangerous games.

Giulio is deeply attracted to her, but he hasn’t still understood what she’s hiding in that old abandoned house, where no one is allowed to enter.

Director’s Statement

Giulio and Lia play with their bodies, exploring the fragile boundaries that separate love, death and violence and trying to find their way through the unknown. Each gives the other what they can. This meeting leads them to confront their fears and to grow. Pain is the mysterious force that unites them.

Beatrice Baldacci

Beatrice Baldacci was born in Città di Castello in 1993. She studied psychology in Padua and then moved to Rome to study cinema. While studying directing and photography with Daniele Ciprì and Claudio Cupellini, she made the fiction short film Corvus Corax, which participated in numerous festivals. In 2017 she graduated with honors under the supervision of Susanna Nicchiarelli with a thesis on the border between man and animal and anthropomorphisation in cinema. After completing her studies, she made some experiences on set and in 2018 she won the artistic residency Immerge making the short documentary film Un posto sicuro. In 2019 she won the Premio Zavattini 18/19 with the autobiographical short film Supereroi senza Superpoteri, entirely made with VHS footage. Supereroi senza superpoteri has its world premiere at the 76th Venice International Film Festival 2019 in the Orizzonti section, where it wins a FEDIC Special Mention as the best short film of the exhibition. In 2021 she made her first feature film La Tana, produced by Lumen Films, developed within the Biennale College Cinema programme 2020/21 and premiered at the 78th Venice International Film Festival.


2021 – La Tana: regia, soggetto, sceneggiatura

2020 – Vi Me – Anche Io: regia, soggetto, sceneggiatura

2019 – Supereroi senza Superpoteri: regia, partecipazione, soggetto, sceneggiatura, Grafiche e Contenuti