PerSo Masterpiece 2017


by Federica Di Giacomo, Italy/France, 2016, 89’



A film about the return of exorcism in the contemporary world. Our world. Every year more and more people call “possession” their distress, in Italy, in Europe, in the world. The Church answer to this emergency nominating a growing number of exorcist priests and organising training courses. Father Cataldo is a veteran, one of the most wanted exorcists in Sicily and over, famous for his tenacious and tireless character. Every Tuesday Gloria, Enrico, Anna and Giulia attend together with many others the liberation mass of Father Cataldo and look for a cure to a distress that elsewhere can’t find any answer nor name. Till where can anyone of us, believer or not, arrive so that someone would recognized our distress? What are we willing to do to be liberated here and now?  It’s the story of the exorcist practice and the daily life where the contrasts among ancient and contemporary, religious and secular, result somehow disturbing and hilarious. A film not about religion but how religion is lived.   

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