PerSo Short

By Loris Giuseppe Nese
Italia, 2020, 12’

Wednesday 6th october Cinema Zenith – 17.30
Thursday 7th october Cinema Méliès – 15.30 (replica)


International title:  Bad Mood
Director: Loris Giuseppe Nese
Script: Loris Giuseppe Nese
Photography: Loris Giuseppe Nese
Production: Chiara Marotta – Lapazio Film
Editing: Chiara Marotta
Music, sound: Davide Maresca
Cast: Rossella De Martino, Patrizia Scannapiecoro, Davide Maresca
Production: Lapazio Film

Sinossi breve

The mother takes care of the elderly in their homes, where the ticking of the clock marks the working day, among the frightening sounds of wheezing, which increase the fear of emptiness …


“Where do I come from? It’s the question I always try to ask myself with my films. Starting from childhood memories, I wanted to tell the feeling of instability that characterizes certain areas of my city, trying to restore problems of a context that I got to know closely. 

With Chiara Marotta, I collected the “voice” of the popular neighborhood in which I grew up, creating a sound archive that reflects moods and desires. These documentary elements present in the film- an elaboration in a key of fiction, sometimes fabulously and markedly subjective, find themselves in a close relationship with memory».

Loris Giuseppe Nese

Loris Giuseppe Nese was born in Salerno, Italy, in 1991. He is a director, writer, director of photography and co-producer of the production company Lapazio Film.  He graduated  in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production in Bologna, he has worked in shorts, video clips and feature films, as a stop-motion animator for Rai and Motta, and as an author and cartoonist for the magazine “Fabrique du Cinéma”. His first short film “Quelle brutte cose” was awarded at the 75th Venice Film Festival, in competition at the Sundance Film Festival 2019 and in the short list of Nastri d’Argento. He was also screenwriter and author of the photography of the short film “Veronica non sa fumare”, by Chiara Marotta. His first feature film is now in process. 


Quelle brutte cose (cm, 2018), Malumore (cm, 2020).