PerSo Short

CROATIA, 2018, 19’

Director: Antonina Blazanovic
Production: Antonina Blazanovic, Mabel Hopper
Cinematography: Lisa-Marie Mattsson


The ex-Yugoslavian island ‘Goli Otok’ or ‘Naked Island’, has a dark past surrounded by mystery. It was top secret leaving very little evidence of what happened in the Adriatic, so many years ago.
Based on writings by Ante Zemljar it blends reality and phantasy allowing the audience to experience Goli on a hot summers day, giving people a glimpse of the weight that still lays on that little piece of land while also hinting at the beauty and strength that lays within its shameful past.
This documentary waives longwinded interviews and explanations of historic events.
Instead, it takes you on a visual journey – to a place of horror and peace. A place of ghosts and rocks. A place of shame and hope.

PerSo Short

Antonina Blazanovic