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By Alessandro Padovani
Italia, 2020, 68’

Saturday 9th october PostModernissimo – 16.15


Year: 2020
Director: Alessandro Padovani
Director of Photography: Cristiano di Nicola
Editor: Stefano Malchiodi
Sound: Roberto Ugo Ricciardi, Chiara Santella
Screenplay: Alessandro Padovani, Lorenzo Bagnatori
Organization: Alessandro Padovani, Luca Pataro
1st assistant director: Marco Possiedi
Sound Editor: Giulio Previ
Sound Mix: Gianluca Gasparrini
Original Music Soundtrack composer: Tommaso Zaffagnini
Color Correction: Cristiano di Nicola
Actress: Grazia Capraro
Production: MIUR and MIBAC, Liceo Dal Piaz, thanks to “Cinema per la Scuola” – Visioni Fuori Luogo, created by MIUR and MIBAC, in collaboration with Haapar
Time: 1.08.22
Shooting Format: 2K, Digital
Format: Scope

Time: 68 minutes
Location Shooting: North Italy


Children play war between the abandoned houses of a mountain village. Tommaso and Riccardo with other guys build a motor tricycle, spending the summer between the parking lots and hangars. Lorenzo is the son of a transhumant shepherd, and he wouldn’t like to continue his father’s profession, but to spend a summer like other teenagers. Belluno is one of the many Italian provinces that is becoming depopulated. Movida tells it through the eyes of children and young people who live there.

Movida is a movement, a path, a search for life in a depopulated world. A tree transformed into a human being and forced to move in a desert world, or children and teenagers who try to understand where their future will be. I merged poetry, archival film footage and observation documentary to tell the depopulation of the Italian province, but through the eyes of young people.

Alessandro Padovani

Alessandro Padovani (1993, Italia), graduated at National Film School in Italy (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) in 2018, in Screenplay. As screenplayer he won Mattador Prize in 2013 with “The Celluloid man”, attending European project “Eastweek – Scriptwriting Workshop for New Talent”, and again in 2018. In 2015, Alessandro won the Vincenzoni Prize for best story with the project “Pane e Sale”, which he won again in 2016. In 2019 he won Emergency Price with short film “Ape Regina”, produced by Wildside and RAI Cinema, winning Premiere Prize in Alice nella Città – Festa del cinema di Roma.

In 2017, Alessandro is selected by Armani to write a short film and he created and wrote “A Jacket”, directed by Marco Piccicini, with Sara Serraioco and Lorenzo Richelmy. From 2017, Alessandro is an associate of JoleFilm, as screenplayer and script editor, writing the short film “Oltre il Fiume” directed by Luca Zambolin, winner of RIFF 2019.

In 2019, he’s a “Premio Solinas” and “Premio Medusa” finalist. Alessandro wrote from 2018 to 2021 “Brotherhood” directed by Francesco Montagner, produced by Nutprodukce (CZ) and Nefertiti Film (IT). They won the Developing Prices of When East meets West, CSC – SIAE Prize and CZ Developing Fund, and Brotherhood was selected in Locarno Film Festival 2021 – Cineasti del Presente, winning the Pardo d’Oro for Best Film. Movida is his first documentary as a director, produced by MIUR and MIBACT, winner of the best film prize at SalinaDocFest and presented in Alice nella Città – Festa del cinema di Roma.