Nella direzione di chi parte
Umbria in Celluloide

Di Patrizio Lombardi
Italia, 2021, 12’

Wednesday 6th october Cinema Zenith – 16.15


Director: Patrizio Lombardi
Actress: Raffaella Palumbo
Masks: Enrico Zacchia
Clothing: Elena Tonelli
Shooting: Patrizio Lombardi, Enrico Zacchia, Antonio Imperato
Music: stormy coast of tibet
Sound: Stefano Sasso, Valentina Vallorani
Edition: Alberto Mocellin


This is the staging of some poems chosen from the collection of the same name by Christian Covarelli, a young poet from Perugia who died in 2004. Up to this date, his writings remain unpublished. The film unfolds in a dream dimension, in which images and words, music and sounds, mix without necessarily narrative or organic structure, preferring rather a status of real visions. Five moments for five poems, plus a final one, written in black and white (which is not part of the writer’s collection but of his autobiographical tale “Vuoto a perdere”, also unpublished), which culminates in a climax between verses ; those who appear one after the other and go to read, and those, indecipherable, who listen to each other.

Paying homage to the verses of an almost unknown poet, in the hope that a complete publication of his work will finally materialize.


Patrick Lombardi

Patrick Lombardi was born and raised in Fasano, Puglia. In 2005, he moved to Perugia, where he graduated in cultural heritage (curriculum in archival-book heritage). Since 2018, he has lived in Rome.