PerSo Short

Di Mehdi Imani Shahmiri
Iran, 2020, 24’

Giovedì 7 ottobre Cinema Zenith ore 17.00
Venerdì 8 ottobre PostModernissimo ore 15.00 (replica)


Director: Mehdi Imani shahmiri
Scriptwriter: Mehdi Imani shahmiri
Adapted from: Original Screenplay
Producer: Mehdi Imani shahmiri
Production Company: Semnan IRIB
Cinematographer: Zanyar lotfi
Editing: Sadra Shargh
Sound Recordist: Amir Reza sabaghian
Sound Designer: Taher Pishvai & Ali Dehghanzadeh
Set and Costume Designer: Mehdi Imani shahmiri
Poster Designer: Farzaneh Amirian
Music: Hemat Sayadi nezhad (folk tune) , Mohamad Ghadir & Reza Feizi(folk flute)
Cast: Keshvar Jafari
Production Year: deceber 2020
Production City: Semnan (Shahmirzad_ the village Chashm) _ Mazandaran (Savadkoh)
Time: 24′


The Keshvar khale, a lonely old woman, is the only one living in an ancient village called Chasham in Northern Iran. She earns her living by picking medicinal plants and livestocking her only cattle. Keshvar khale is one of the few living people weaving an amazing weave called gelij.  A weave that is being forgotten and only remains in this village. Her house overlooks the hill, next to which she dug a vestibule to create a karchali (a traditional weaving room), where she weaves gelijs. Keshvar khale believes that Gelijs is a very old and a legendary fairy who lived in a cave near her village and taught the handicraft to the people living there.

Director’s statement

Iran is a country of tribes and full of unknown local cultures. Mysterious rituals and myths that have their roots tied to the invisible millennials of history. One of these cultures belongs to the rural people of Mazandaran. People who live in the heart of the Alborz Mountains and the Southern shores of the Caspian Sea and have preserved their handicrafts to a large extent.

Gelij is one of the oldest and most complex handicrafts of these people and perhaps of all Iran, which remains in only one village and with the death of the last weavers, the Gelij will also disappear. One of the weavers is an old woman named Keshvar, who also has a strange and unique legend in her heart.


Mehdi Imani Shahmiri

Mehdi Imani Shahmiri was born on April 3, in 1988, in Iran. He holds a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking and a master’s degree in television production. He works in the field of research and writing, as well as directing and producing documentaries and feature films.