PerSo Short

by Sam3
Italy, 2022, 6’

Wednesday, Oct. 05, Zenith Cinema, Via Benedetto Bonfigli 5, 4:30 p.m.


Director: Sam3

Animation: Sam3

Music: Kostadis Michail

Production: Direzione Regionale Musei Puglia

In collaboration with: Pigment Workroom, STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO


The beauty of the Apulia region traveled far and wide and reinterpreted through an unprecedented sequence of images: this is the video artwork Pèlagos, a Greek term for the open sea, referring to the crossroads of cultures that gave birth to the Apulian historical-archaeological heritage. A unique international collaboration between the Puglia Regional Museum Directorate and the Spanish artist Sam3 in which the cultural sites interact with each other in an animated dance of painted vases and ancient architectures, castles on the sea and paintings, creating a hypnotic choreography that crosses the centuries.

Director Statement 

The soul of Pèlagos is described by critic Vittorio Parisi, director of studies and research at Villa Arson Centre d’Art Contemporain in Nice: “This primordial and infinite embrace of the sea to the earth is the subject of Sam3’s video experiments: it animates, in all senses, the objects and places that flow before our eyes, in a fluid and almost uninterrupted mutation of shapes, lights, and porous images like the Apulian limestone. Similar to real sponges, the images end up absorbing the gazes, words and uses that human communities make of them over time, and which stratify in them like the sediments of rocks”.


Sam3 (Elche, Spain, 1980, currently living and working in Athens) is the pseudonym of the artist internationally recognized for his murals and animations.

He is considered one of the pioneers of urban art. Since 2006 he has carried out numerous interventions all over the world. Engraver, ceramist, muralist, image animator: Sam3 is a versatile demiurge. Starting from archaeology, all his work releases a strong philosophical research – through the poetics of the symbol – on the condition of the human being and his environment. In 2013 the publication Arte Español Contemporaneo 1992-2013 placed him among the most important contemporary Spanish artists.