Categoria PerSo Short

by Jon Vatne
Norvegia, 2019, 20′

Mercoledì 7 ottobre ore 17.30 Cinema Méliès

Main character Eirik Havnes
Director Jon Vatne
Producer Håvard Wettland Gossé
Screenplay Jon Vatne
Cinematographer Kristian Davik Larssen
Editor Trude Lirhus
Composer Eirik Havnes
Sound Design Geir Døhlie Gjerdsjø, Audun Kvitland, Røstad Jørgen Meyer
Sound Recording Eirik Havnes, Jonathan Sundt Rosland


Polyfonatura is an in-depth study of Eirik Havnes, a nerdy artist, and his creative process. We see him collecting sounds from nature with his self-made microphones, altering and assembling them into an epic musical composition, before finally performing it for a live audience. Eirik has a scientific approach combined with a childish enthusiasm and charismatic being. The film will show how he experiences nature in his most creative mode. The film will go through the main character’s ears and into his creative mind. The audience hear what he imagines. They hear the finished music while they see how the sounds were actually harvested. It’ll be a sensorial concert between fjords and mountains, across time and space, that can alter the way people experience and listen to the nature. Underlying the exciting work process, epic nature and beautiful music, is a lonely artist’s creative struggles. What is nice? What is cool? What is real? What does Eirik think of his own work? And what will others think?

Director Statement

The main character Eirik is doing his most ambitious project ever, composing a symphonic masterpiece out of altered sounds he harvests in nature. The film is right there with him, and just as ambitious. My ambition as a filmmaker has been to let the audience experience – experience the nature, the sounds, Eirik’s vision and creative process. The production of the film has taken me over four years, so it is full of enthusiasm and pride that I prepare to show the film to the audience. And idea was to take the audience through the main character’s ears  and into his head, so they understand and share his fascination with the sounds and his music.

Hopefully the audience joins in his quest for the sounds and to create his masterpiece, and discovers his insecurities as an artist. Together with him they will doubt the project, the music and together we will find beauty in music and nature. Through the film I have focused on letting the audience listen to nature as we are used to, but also hearing as the main character’s subjective selection of what nature has to offer. We together with him start to hear what all of it could be. Gradually and naturally the sounds turn more and more into (film) music.

To me Eirik is also a very talented and interesting human being. He is truly one of a kind, and I hope the audience can find the same beauty as I do in his weird projects. It really is inspiring to experience someone with such an alternative approach to everything. In my filmmaking I strive to push myself creatively, and I hope this film can give people an amazing concert experience unlike any other. I love to find the beautiful in the odd in all my films, and I see this film as a polyphony of weird and beautiful.


Jon Vatne is a primarily a director, but also a cinematographer and producer. He earned a Master’s degree as a documentary director at the TV School in Lillehammer and at The New School University in New York. He works almost exclusively with independent documentaries, but is also finishing his first fiction short film (“Wolf,”), and is working the feature fiction film “Wolf, wolf” (which has won the pitching contests Vårstigen and New Nordic Talents, and is a part of FilmLab).

Jon Vatne nasce come regista, ma è anche direttore della fotografia e produttore. Ha conseguito un Master come regista di documentari alla TV School di Lillehammer e ha studiato produzione di documentari alla New School University di New York. Lavora quasi esclusivamente a documentari indipendenti, ma sta anche completando Wolf, il suo primo cortometraggio di finzione e sta lavorando al film di finzione “Wolf, wolf” (che ha vinto i concorsi di lancio Vårstigen e New Nordic Talents, ed è una parte di FilmLab).