Categoria PerSo Short

Di Clara Cambadelis 
Belgio, 2019, 18’

Sabato 10 ottobre, ore 17.45 Postmodernissimo

International title: The tide is rising
Director and DoP: Clara Cambadelis
Sound director: Emeline Poyrault 
Editing: Leole Poubelle   

Italian premiere


Chile, May 2018, a crowd of women are revolting against a teacher who has sexually molested a student and received no punishment. He is simply transferred to another university. A crowd of women unite in voice and body to talk about their freedom, their sexuality and their fundamental right to decide the fate of their own bodies. Among them, three young friends who tell us, through their lively dialogue, their vision of life and sexuality, without taboos or restrictions.

Director’s statement: 

This film resembles the encounters I enjoy; lively, without restraint and humorous. I had the chance to meet more women who were willing to let me meet their struggles and enter into their intimacy to denounce our injustices.

Clara Cambadelis


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