Talking Dreams
PerSo Cinema Italiano

By Bruno Rocchi,
Italia, 2020, 37’

Tuesday 5th october Cinema Zenith – 22.30


Director: Bruno Rocchi
Script: Bruno Rocchi
Photography: Bruno Rocchi
Montage: Bruno Rocchi
Sound: Giuseppe D’Amato
Music: Daby Balde
Performers: Mariame Mandiang, Sathio Camara, Alassane Kante, Bruno Altermatt
Production: Bruno Rocchi
Distribution: Bruno Rocchi

In a village in West Africa where dreams play a key role, the hosts of local radio interpret the oniric visions of their listeners. The language of dreams is spoken here. The limits between the real and the fantastic blur, and time is suspended.

Source: Talking Dreams (2020) | MUBI


I tried to tell an unconscious crisis of men becoming violent towards women along with the intrinsic ability of women to resist and create.


Born in Bergamo in 1983, I studied in Bologna and attended a reporters’ school in Milan. In 2014 I made the reportage Monte Gourougou and in 2015 I produced Bled el Makhzen, a documentary about power and economy in northern Morocco. My latest work, Talking Dreams, is the result of an adventure on the borders of Senegal on the trail of a man who wanted to take a tractor to his native village.