Categoria Persə nel VR

by Omar Rashid,
Iceland, 2021 ,10’

From Wednesday, Oct. 5 to Saturday, Oct. 8, Walter Binni Hall, Via delle Prome (Porta Sole) from 4 to 7:30 p.m.

Original Title: Vulcano

Produced by: Omar Rashid, Alessandro Mancini, Luca Fortino, Pierfrancesco Pisani, Alessandro Tiberio

Directed by: Omar Rashid

Production company: Gold, Rai Cinema, Valmyn Distribution

Written by: Omar Rashid 

Cast: Valentina Lodovini

Photography: Omar Rashid, Nuri Rashid, Giuseppe Baranello

Editing: Sasan Baha

Post-production: Sasan Baha, Cosimo Lombardelli

Music: Luca Fortino

Graphics: Azzurra Giuntini

Animation: Cosimo Lombardelli


Vulcano is a VR film that shows the eruption of the volcano on Fagradalsfjall Mountain in Iceland after 800 years of inactivity. 

A 360º immersive experience, between boundless landscapes and rivers of incandescent lava, which exhibits the volcanic eruption in all its spectacularity. Virtual reality leads the viewer to an unexplored place, up to the foot of the volcano. The images of the volcano, awakened by a long sleep of 8 centuries, dust off the relationship between Humans and the Earth.

Omar Rashid

I was born in Iraq on July 24, 1979 to an Iraqi father and an Italian mother, then we all moved to Italy when I was just four months old. 

I have always been fascinated by the world of graffiti and youth counterculture and at the end of my studies, which culminated in 2002 with a degree at the Polimoda in Florence, I began my career in the world of work.


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