The history of PerSo Film Festival

Perugia Social Film Festival

The aim of PerSo Film Festival is to tell, through the Cinema du Réel, the ‘social’ world in its widest sense and in the most different way, with a peculiar attention to the innovative languages of documentaries. The Festival focuses on the ability to create communication between different genres; with the constant goal of bringing a large audience closer to the stories and to the themes they are watching on the screen.


Il “nostro” sociale tratta di vite, che vuole restituire attraverso uno sguardo fuori centro, con sfaccettature che scompongano la foto per poi riproporla in completezza, e con una diversa visione.
Per noi il “sociale” rappresenta una continua scoperta, imprevedibile e spiazzante, così come il “cinema del reale”.

Il format del Festival prevede che le singole proiezioni vengano accompagnate da incontri con autori e protagonisti e, in alcuni casi, da tavole rotonde, dibattiti, seminari, convegni alla presenza di operatori del settore ed esperti.



Zero edition

Zero Edition took place in Perugia from 23rd to 28th September 2014, it was a sort of admission test for the Staff and the city, the audience and the private and public institutions welcomed this new event with enthusiasm and with an unexpected attendance. A non-competitive format took place in Méliès, Sant’Angelo and Zenith Cinema, with a great success, a big push for the First Edition in 2015.



First edition

From 18th to 27th September 2015 PerSo Film Festival First Edition took place: for ten days Perugia became the most important city concerning social documentaries film. The Festival opened to competitive sections and spread an international call for entry. The result has been amazing, films from all over the world submitted to join PerSo. Winners were from Italy, Spain, France, Jordan, and Argentina; they shared a total 21.000 € prize money divided into 5 competitive categories.



Second edition

Second Edition of PerSo Film Festival took place in Perugia from 2nd to 8th October 2016 and it confirmed a constant raise in terms of audience and film quality. The president of the official Jury was one of the most important Italian director Daniele Lucchetti. Together with him the distributor Antonio Medici and the director Antonietta De Lillo.



Third edition

From 23rd September to 1st October 2017 Third Edition of PerSo Film Festival took place in Perugia. This edition presented a change of President and Artistic Direction. Multi-awarded documentarist Giovanni Piperno was called to be the President of PerSo Film Festival, while the Artistic Direction was given to Giacomo Caldarelli, Ivan Frenguelli and Andrea Mincigrucci, three young experts of cinema owner of PostModernissimo Cinema in Perugia, one of the most innovative and well-known cinema in Italy. PerSo did not change its identity, but it renovated its target and its audience, having for the third year in a row a great success.



Four edition

Fourth Edition of PerSo took place from 20th to 30th September 2018. In this edition PerSo confirmed its world-wide importance in the field of social documentaries. The winner of PerSo Award (Italian-premiere, main Festival category) in this edition was the American documentary ‘Hale county this morning, this evening’ by RaMell Ross which was Oscar nominated in 2019 as Best Documentary.

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