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PerSo Film Festival is one of the projects created and followed by the Foundation La Città del Sole Onlus in collaboration with Associazione RealMente APS.
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Wednesday, October 4
Numero Zero - Via Benedetto Bonfigli, 4/6

by Valentina Noya

vice-president of Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema
productor of Notte Americana srl
in collaboration with Diversion cinema

Introducing PerSə nella VR

Wednesday, October 4
18.00 – 19.30

Stations for watching films in Virtual Reality and (non-virtual!) aperitif
Intervention by Valentina Noya, curator of the Section

The second PerSo virtual reality exhibition sees a selection of works which, through an original use of the available technology and a strong cinematographic intuition, have given the treatment of some social, historical and fantasy themes a greater vividness and ability to convey empathy: shorts that push us not only beyond physical and perceptive boundaries, but also beyond our rational prejudices, immersing us in a new cinema that has all the dignity to be defined as such.


Walter Binni Hall

Via delle Prome (Porta Sole)
From October 4 to October 7, from 4PM to 7.30PM
Sunday, October 8, from 10AM to 1PM

Gloomy Eyes

By Jorge Tereso, Fernando Maldonado, Taiwan, 2019, 10'.
VR 6DOF, VR 360° No dialogue.

The nostalgic and heartwarming story of a zombie boy, Gloomy, and a human girl, Nena. Their star-crossed love might just be the last seed of hope.

The Italian Baba – La mia grotta in India

By Elio Germano, Omar Rashid, Italy, 2020, 20'.
VR 360° Lingua: Italiano Sott.: Inglese.

Immersed in the distant Indian landscapes in search of a guide, a guru, a journey with the words of the book A Piedi Nudi sulla Terra by Folco Terzani, and the voice of Elio Germano.

VR Free

By Milad Tangshir, Italy, 2019, 15'.
VR 360° - Language: Italian Sub.: English.

The film investigates the life, spaces and way of perceiving time and habitat of some inmates in various pavilions of the Lorusso and Cutugno prison in Turin.

The Real Thing

By Benoit Felici, France, 2018, 16'.
VR 360° - Language: Italian Sub.: English.

The Real Thing is a VR journey into a copy of our world, exploring real-life stories inside China’s replicas of Paris, Venice and London.


By Davide Rapp, Italy, 2022, 15'.
VR 360° No dialogue.

Hundreds of cinematic sequences define a three-dimensional collage of the Monte Gelato waterfalls (Rome) as they have been filmed in more than 180 productions including films, TV series and commercials.


By Jonathan Hagard, Japan / Indonesia / Germany, 2020, 12'.
VR 360° No dialogue.

Replacements depicts a Javanese family routinely observing their neighborhood day after day, generation after generation, replacement after replacement. it is a VR story about roots, time and change.

Strands of Mind

By Adrian Meyer, Germany, 2021, 12'.
VR 360° No dialogue.

Stands of Mind explore a world beyond the bounds of our human perception. A world full of mystery, of beauty and darkness. Let yourself be taken on a trip into the woven nature of existence.