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Wednesday, Oct. 4, Zenith Cinema, 9:30 p.m
(Repeat) Friday, Oct. 6, Postmodernissimo Cinema, 3:00 p.m.

Film details

Original title:5 yerazoghnery yev dzin

Direction:Vahagn Khachatryan e Aren Malakyan

Productor:Vahagn Khachatryan

Cinematography:Vahagn Khachatryan, Aren Malakyan, Andranik Sahakyan

Editing:Federico Delpero Bejar

Sound:Jonathan Darch

Co-productor: Eva Blondiau


Different faces of Armenia are portrayed through four characters who try to fulfill their dreams. Their stories unravel as protests against the power in place are happening all over the country. Each dreamer stands for each generation of Armenia’s modern history: Soviet, post-Soviet, and the Velvet Revolution. Karen, a young shepherd, wants to transcend his rural life and meet his perfect match; Melania, a lift operator working in a hospital that wishes to free herself and fly to Mars; and Sona and Amasia, young queer musicians that embody the possibility of change. The four characters introduced by the filmmakers in their first feature-length film embody the contrasting faces of Armenia today. What unites them all is the dream of a self-determined life, with their stories unraveling as protests are happening all over the country.

Director's notes

Aren and Vahagn were born at the time of the collapse of the USSR and the first war between Armenia and Azerbaijan in 1991. In 2018, a few months before the revolution, they founded the production company Oolik. Five Dreamers And A Horse is their first film as producers and directors. The idea of making this film was born in a small bar in Yerevan, where a friend of Vahagn wanted to know if he was currently dreaming of anything in particular. This conversation stayed in his mind as he began to search for people with dreams as untouchable as childhood’s ones. During the research, they realized that dreams were not common to all generations, especially when they met Sona and Amasia. When the revolution happened, they understood that they were situated between two generations, united by the desire for change. The Revolution was also the filmmakers’ dream, and they felt the need to go on a journey with the protagonists to understand their dreams while also figuring out their own, and how they were relating to the Revolution itself.

Vahagn Khachatryan e Aren Malakyan

Aren Malakyan
Aren Malakyan was born in 1991 in Vanadzor, Armenia. In 2015 he graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, Faculty of Feature Films. During his years of study he participated in an international workshop organized by Lodz Film Academy in Yerevan. It was during the workshop "World: From Dusk till Dawn" that Aren shot his first short documentary Grandma Grandpa (2013). His graduation film Girl On The Moon (2014) received the prize of the President of Republic of Armenia in 2015, as well as several prizes at international film festivals, including Bastau IFF, New Wave IFF and Fresco IFF. It won the Best Film award at Web Apricot Yerevan Festival. Since then Aren has directed the Mini-TV Series Special Department (2015) for the Armenian Public Television, and the short film Snow (2016) that had its international premiere at Shanghai International Film Festival.

Vahagn Khachatryan was born in Yerevan, in 1991. He moved to China at the age of 17, and from 2008-2014 studied Filmmaking at the Beijing Film Academy, and starting shooting documentaries. From 2014 to 2016 he was part of the DOC Nomads Program, and studied at the ULHT Lusófona University in Portugal, the SZFE University of Theatre and Film Arts in Hungary and the LUCA School of Arts / College Sint Lukas in Belgium. He shot Phone Booth (2014) in Portugal, This Is Not A Pipe" (2015) in Hungary and Lost Dream in Belgium. These films were shown in several film festivals around the world. The Moon The Sun And The Musketeers is his latest documentary which premiered at the Visions Du Réel in Switzerland and shown at film festivals such as DOK Leipzig, Taiwan IDFF, Moscow IFF and 30 more.


Aren Malakyan
2021: 5 Dreamers And A Horse – Armenia, Germany, Switzerland – currently in
2021 : Voldemar- Director – currently in post-production
2016 : Snow – Director – Short film
2015 : Special Department – “Special Department” – Director – Mini TV-Series (16 episodes)
2014 : Girl On The Moon – Director – Short film
2013 : Grandma and Grandpa – Director – Short Documentary
2013 : Love Confession in Japanese Style – Director – Short film

Vahagn Khachatryan
2021: 5 Dreamers And A Horse (Armenia, Germany, Switzerland)
2017: The Moon The Sun And The Musketeers (Portugal) Director – Golden Apricot
2016: Lost dream (Belgium) – Director – Docnomads
2014: Phone Booth (Portugal) – Director – Golden Apricot FCD/Docnomads
2013: First Step (Armenia) – Director – BFA
2012: Lao Hang (China) – Director – BFA

Awards and festivals:
Vision du Reel (Nyon, Svizzera)
goEast – Festival del cinema dell’Europa centrale e orientale 2022 (Wiesbaden, Germania)
Hot Docs (Toronto, Canada)

Aren Malakyan Vahagn Khachatryan