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PerSo Film Festival is one of the projects created and followed by the Foundation La Città del Sole Onlus in collaboration with Associazione RealMente APS.
With a simple donation you can support the set of cultural, health and social-health activities that we carry out.

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Through the cinema-du-reél, PerSo Film Festival narrates the world of social issues in its widest sense and in its various facets, with a focus on innovative documentary languages and its ability to facilitate dialogue between different genres, with the constant goal of bringing a wide audience closer to the stories and themes addressed.

For us, the social encompasses everything that embraces the human dimension. We seek stories that represent lived or desired reality, universal stories, causes and effects of one's existence and feelings that find meaning in conflict. Social is this and everything we still have to discover and rediscover.
The PerSo Film Festival was born from a project of the La Città del Sole Foundation - Onlus, active in the field of mental health since 1998, which organized it until 2018 (since 2019, the brand and organization have been transferred to A.p.s. RealMente). The first non-competitive edition of the Festival dates back to 2014, as a showcase dedicated to documentary cinema of social interest.
In 2015, the PerSo Film Festival evolved and transformed into an international festival of cinema of reality, with a focus on recent documentary production, including competitive and non-competitive sections. In recent years, we have pursued the idea of a "container" festival, contemporary and multidisciplinary, alongside the cinematic offering, featuring events and projects of various kinds: the narration of social areas (our identity theme), current events, and new forms of art; training events for filmmakers and support for new works; educational activities for schools.

Direzione artistica

Artistic directors: Luca Ferretti e Giovanni Piperno
Selection Committee: Giovanni Piperno, Ivan Frenguelli, Luca Ferretti, Giacomo Caldarelli
Associate Programmer: Glenda Balucani
Coordinator of the Pre-selection Committee: Giallo Giuman
Pre-selection Committee for competing films: Irene Biscarini, Stefano Borsa, Niccolò Consolo, Erika Di Silvestre, Jacopo Fiore, Maria Enrica Mazzella, Giorgia Nicolini, Francesco Dimes Pellicoro, Daniele Saini, Marco Schiavon, Laura Serra, Barbara Ticchioni.

Associazione realmente APS
la citta del sole
stazione panzana

Fondazione La Città del Sole – Onlus

La Città del Sole has been active since 1998 in the field of mental health. In particular, through the PRISMA Project (Research-Mental Health Intervention Program and Autonomy) and the Daytime Outdoor Center, the Foundation realizes innovative life projects customized for serious and medium-serious psychiatric users, identifying, strengthening and / or building networks of “normal” situations of residency, employment, free time, vacation in which the actors involved find quality answers to their needs.
Each of the PRISMA users, among other things, lives in a house of their own along with people with a housing need, mostly non-resident students, to whom the Foundation provides free accommodation and condominium fees in exchange of coexistence with the user.

Associazione RealMente APS

RealMente was born in September 2016 to promote culture and social solidarity through the planning and realization of events and activities in close collaboration with the Third Sector, designing new and innovative forms of action and communication for the creation of a Community competent. The main activity to date has been the one linked to cinema and audiovisuals, with the participation in the organization of the last 3 editions of the PerSo Film Festival and of the last 3 editions of the Visions of the Royal review – Journey in a World that we do not want to see (in collaboration with Monimbò Bottega del Mondo social cooperative society). Also, in the field of cinema, the project the seventh hour is being implemented, with the contribution of MIUR-MIBAC “Cinema for the School – Good Practices. Reviews and Festival”.


Communication Alongside the experimentation of new social models for integration, the Foundation aims to best activate the moment of communication of the experiences achieved.
This happened with the video film Sto lavorando? by Daniele Segre, FEDIC prize at the 1998 Venice Film Festival and Milan "Filmaker" prize, and with the film Un silenzio particolare by Stefano Rulli, presented in competition at the 61st Venice International Film Festival in 2004 in the "Digital Cinema" section, David di Donatello 2005 as best feature-length documentary film, special mention as best documentary at the Nastri d'argento 2006, Best Documentary Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2005, Panorama at Lincoln Center – Open Roads 2005, Panorama at the Mittelcinemafest – Central-European Festival of Cinema Italiano 2005, Prix des Lecteurs du Dauphiné Libéré, Prix Mention Spéciale CICAE and Prix Mention Spéciale du Jury at the “Cinema Italien” Festival of Annecy 2005.
Finally, the Foundation is active with publications and the production of specific material on the activity carried out, and with the organization of conferences and seminars that allow the problems of mental health to be known and discussed in a vast area.
Education Ongoing training is mandatory for the Foundation; it is naturally aimed internally (operators, parents, volunteers, etc.) and externally (internships, agreements with universities, etc.).
The Foundation also undertakes numerous initiatives through volunteer groups and its own national support network to raise funds that allow the development of its activities.
The Foundation has established and is an active part of a national network in collaboration with multiple local associations, in order to promote projects in different regions based on a new model of integration of diversity, first and foremost the psychic and psychiatric diversity.

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