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Sunday, Oct. 1, Méliès Cinema, 7:00 p.m.

Film details

Direction:Ekiem Barbier, Guilhem Causse & Quentin L’helgoualc’h

Productor:Boris Garavini

Production:Les Films Invisibles

Executive productors:Anna Medveczky, Joachim Herard

Cinematography:Ekiem Barbier, Guilhem Causse, Quentin L’helgoualc’h

Editing:Nicolas Bancilhon

Sound:Mathieu Farnarier

Color Grading: Graziella Zanoni

Composer: Ekiem Barbier, Guilhem Causse, Marc Siffert


Somewhere on the Internet, there is a space of 250 square kilometres in which individuals gather in community to simulate a survivalist fiction. Under the guise of avatars, a film crew enters this place and makes contact with the ’locals’’.
This mysterious, post-apocalyptic rural landscape is revealed as a meeting place, where stories, ideas and friendships are shared. Slowly the players drop their masks to reveal their realities, their daily lives, their relationships of love and friendship. Mixing their memories of the game with the stories of their real lives, a group will take us on a walk on the borders of the Internet. By going to the edge of the game, in search of the limits of this place, the film explores the first steps of the virtualization of our lives, and questions the future of our world.

Director's notes

The starting point was simply the idea of a meeting, to say to ourselves that in this environment, in the virtual world, there are meetings possible with real people, and we wanted to see if we could provoke them. Our first intention was really just to experiment. We did not intend to make a documentary or a film in any way, but mostly just wanted to observe. The idea was to connect to a game and to go and see what was going on there, by observing, without playing. We weren’t really aware of what was going on in these online games at the time. At some point we came across a player who wasn’t using any of the game’s tools and was just hanging out. When we saw that this was possible, to stop in a game, to simply take in the landscape and look around, to sit down with people in a virtual world, to just pause, to talk about other things, to not play in fact, we realised that it was perhaps possible to make a documentary here. That’s how it started.

Ekiem Barbier, Guilhem Causse & Quentin L’helgoualc’h

Ekiem Barbier
Born in Toulouse in 1993, Ekiem Barbier is an author, a filmmaker and a musician. In 2012 he directed several short films, fiction and animation, for which he composed the music. He then entered the School of Fine Arts of Montpellier. There in 2015 he joined the collective In Extremis with whom he contributed to several exhibitions. In 2017 Ekiem got his DNSEP (Master Degree in Plastic expression). The same year, he became interested in documentary and made Anent (a 42-minute documentary shot in the upper Amazon of Ecuador), and Marlowe Drive (34-minute film). He continues his video research with a particular interest in a sensitive dimension of anthropology and experimentation through a poetic and digital lens. Ekiem currently lives and works in Marseille.

Guilhem Causse
Born in Narbonne in 1993, Guilhem Causse entered the School of Fine Arts of Montpellier in 2012. There he developed a work revolving around the relationship between image and sound, in the form of installations and video projections, halfway between cinema, performance and contemporary art. He is fascinated by collapsology and interested in recording natural and meteorological phenomena, which he then combines with virtual images in timeless spaces where the viewer is invited to settle. In 2017 he got his DNSEP (Master Degree in Plastic expression) and developed his research around the film Solaris, which he declined in a series of video and sound works, in the form of hypnotic and immersive installations.

Quentin L'helgoualc'h
Born in Lyon in 1992, Quentin L’helgoualc’h got a DNSEP (Master degree in Plastic expression) at the School of Fine Arts of Montpellier in 2017. Then in 2018 he joined the Post-graduate Art program. He developed a plastic work mixing several mediums, such as sculpture, video, and drawing. In 2017 he directed Marlowe Drive, a documentary immersed in the virtual world, in collaboration with Ekiem Barbier and Guilhem Causse. In 2019 and 2020 he made two video pieces: Between Empty Things and Cristaux Liquides, which combine live action and 3D animation, to deal with the thin relationship to digital spaces. In 2021 he joined the Fresnoy, the National Studio of Contemporary Arts, where he directed the fiction film Les Neiges Électriques.


Ekiem Barbier:
La Vraie Vie, 2023 (serie TV – documentario – in fase di sviluppo)
Knit’s Island, 2023 (documentario)
Marlowe Drive, 2017 (documentario breve)
Anent, 2016 (documentario medio)
Acier Trempé, Ondes, Jardin, 2015 (cortometraggio – animazione – trittico – 9 minuti)
Bust, 2014 (cortometraggio di fiction – 6 minuti)

Guilhem Causse:
La Vraie Vie, 2023 (serie TV – documentario – in fase di sviluppo)
Knit’s Island, 2023 (documentario)
Solaris, 2017-2022 (video d’arte)
Marlowe Drive, 2017 (breve documentario)

Quentin L’helgoualc’h:
Knit’s Island, 2023 (documentario)
Les Neiges électriques, 2021 (cortometraggio)
Cristaux liquides, 2020 (video d’arte)
Between Empty Things, 2019 (video d’arte)
Marlowe Drive, 2017 (documentario breve)

Festival e Premi:
World premiere Visions du Réel
Burning Lights Competition