La Pecora Nera
Cinema della Follia

By Ascanio Celestini
Italy, 2010, 93’

Friday, Oct. 07, PostModernissimo Cinema, 5 p.m.

Original title: La pecora nera
Director: Ascanio Celestini
Duration: 93 ‘
Editing: Giogio ‘Franchini
Scenography: Tommaso Bordone
Cinematography: Daniele Ciprì
Sound: Maurizio Argentieri
Producer: Alessandra Acciai, Carlo Macchitella, Giorgio Magliulo, Alessandra Acciaio

Cast: Ascanio Celestini, Giorgio Tirabassi, Maya Sansa, Luisa De Santis, Barbara Valmorin, Nicola Rignanese, Wally Galdieri, Teresa Saponangelo, Luigi Fedele, Peppe Servillo, Alessandro Marverti


“The asylum is a condominium of saints. Holy poor crazy donkeys under Chinese sheets, industrial-made shrouds, holy the nun who next to the little light on her bedside table lights up like an ex-voto. And the doctor is the holiest of all, he is the head of the saints, he is Jesus Christ”.
This is how Nicola tells us about his thirty-five years of “electric asylum”, and in his disrupted head reality and fantasy collide, producing unpredictable illuminations. Nicola was born in the sixties, “the fabulous sixties”, and the world he sees inside the institute isn’t all that different from what’s racing out there – an increasingly voracious world, where the only thing that seems not being able to consume is fear.


Ascanio Celestini

Ascanio Celestini (1972) is an Italian theater actor, director, filmmaker, writer and playwright. Born and raised in Rome, Ascanio Celestini spent his youth in the suburb of Casal Morena. After his university studies in literature with an anthropological focus, he approaches the theater he approached theater beginning in the late 1990s, collaborating as an actor in a number of shows by the Teatro Agricolo O del Montevaso, including Dante’s Giullarata (1996-1998), a reinterpretation of the Dante’s Inferno in the manner of the comedians of the art. Ascanio Celestini explicitly declares himself an atheist and promotes atheism as a philosophical position about religion.