El Gran Movimiento

PerSo Masterpiece

By Kiro Russo
Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland, 2021, 85’

Thursday, Oct. 06, Postmodernissimo Cinema, Via del Carmine, 4, 9:30 p.m.

Original Title: El Gran Movimiento 

Director: Kiro Russo

Screenplay: Kiro Russo 

Producers: Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Alexa Rivero 

Associate Producers: Dan Wechsler, Jamal Zeinal-Zade, Andreas Roald, Miguel Ángel Peñaloza 

Cinematography:  Pablo Paniagua 

Editing: Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua Felipe Gálvez 

Sound: Mauricio Quiroga, Mercedes Tennina, Juan Pedro Razzari, Emmanuel Croset 

Country of production: Bolivia, France, Qatar, Switzerland 

International Sales: Best Friend Forever


Bolivia, today. After walking for a week, Elder and his fellow miners arrive in La Paz to demand for the reinstatement of their job. Suddenly, Elder begins to feel sick. With the help of the elderly Mamá Pancha, Elder and his friends find a job in the market. But Elder’s condition gets worse, he is choking and has difficulty breathing. Mamá Pancha sends him to Max – a witch doctor, hermit and clown – who may be able to bring the young man back to life.


When we represent life through cinema, there are several levels of representation. We can reach the highest point of fiction where everything is created almost in 3D, but we also have the possibility of thinking about cinema as the reflection of a moment. Even though the scenes never paint the exact same reality, they can be close or far from it. I am very interested in the traces of time, in this case the traces of time are captured in the walls of a city. On the other hand, optics can condition our gaze and sometimes make us see things that are invisible to our eyes, which is why I am so interested in zooming in this film. La Paz is a city where you always see several neighborhoods including neighborhoods on the mountain in front of you. We see the houses but we can’t see the people and when we zoom in, we can see the details and it’s another world compared to the one seen from afar. This relationship of being able to see and not see, seems to me very close to the idea of the relationship between individuality and the crowd. We are immersed in the middle of a crowd but we can’t see anyone. El Gran Movimiento is an exploration of this relationship between the individual and the multitude. The film aims to give an idea of how this system works.


Born in La Paz and trained at FUC Buenos Aires, Russo has directed 3 short films – Enterprisse (2010), Juku (2012), Nueva vida (2015) – and a feature film, Viejo calavera (2016). His debut feature, Viejo calavera [Dark Skull], was selected in more than 80 festivals and won 23 awards including the Special Mention of the Jury in Locarno in 2016, the Grand Prize in Cartagena FF, the Special Mention in San Sebastián FF, the Jury Prize in Valdivia FF, the Fipresci Prize at the Rio de Janeiro FF, the Grand Prize in Indie Lisboa. Shot in La Paz in Bolivia in Super 16mm, El Gran Movimiento is Russo’s second feature film.


Enterprisse (2010)

Juku (2012)

Nueva vida (2015)

Viejo calavera (2016)

El Gran Movimiento (2021)