PerSo Masterpiece

By Martín Solá
Italy, Argentina, Tibet, 2021, 61’

Saturday, Oct. 08, Postmodernissimo Cinema, Via del Carmine, 4, 8 p.m.

Original title: Metok 

Director: Martín Solá

Screenplay: Martín Solá, Francisco Márquez

Sound design: Jonathan Darch, Omar Mustafá

Editing: Lorena Moriconi, Martín Solá

Photography: Gustavo Schiaffino 

Producers: Insomniafilms, Qoomoon, Divina Mania

Production Company/s: Insomniafilms, Qoomoon, Divina Mania

Cast: Metok Lhazey, Sonam Dolkyi, Tashi Phuntsok, Tsering Chodol


Metok, a Tibetan nun In India, is a medical student, gets a phone call from her mother who asks her to attend a woman who is about to give birth.

During her journey she faces with geographical and climatic difficulties, and military controls that she has to overcome to complete her mission. 

She finally crosses the border and reaches Tibet. There, attending a long childbirth, she delivers the baby of the Tibetan couple.  A short time later, she fulfills one of her greatest wishes finding her family whom she has not seen since she was little.

Martín Solá

Born in Argentina, he studied film direction at the CIEVYC (Buenos Aires) and attended the Master in Creative Documentary in Barcelona. He studied theology  Orthodox in the School of Theology “St. Gregory Palamas” Barcelona.



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