PerSo Award

International competition of medium and full-length documentary films with Italian premiere


PerSo Award is the main competition of the Festival, it is dedicated to recently produced medium and full-length international documentary films. From the Second Edition on, it is reserved to film with Italian Premiere status

Among the titles awarded in this category: I Want to See the Manager by Hannes Lang and No Todo es Vigilia by Hermes Paralluelo (2015 edition), Vivian, Vivian by Ingrid Kamerling (2016 edition), Treblinka by Sérgio Tréfaut (2017 edition), Hale County This morning, this evening by RaMell Ross (2018 edition).


  • PerSo Award: € 7.000 to the best medium and feature-length documentary film

  • PerSo Agora: € 1.000 to the best medium and feature-length documentary awarded by the audience

  • PerSo Award Special mention: € 1.000 to the most innovative work for content and experimentation of cinematographic language

PerSo Cinema Italiano

Competition of medium and feature-length Italian documentary films

PerSo Cinema Italiano is a competition category dedicated to medium and feature-length documentary films made by Italian directors or Italy resident directors and/or produced or co-produced in Italy.

PerSo Cinema Italiano award is assigned by a jury of University students, in collaboration with the Università per Stranieri of Perugia, coordinated by a well-known personality of Italian cinema.

2018 PerSo Cinema Italiano award Edition was won by Lorello e Brunello by Jacopo Quadri

PerSo Cinema Italiano: €2.000 to the best medium and feature-length Italian documentary film

    PerSo Short Award

    International competition of short documentary films

    International competition category dedicated to short documentary films (less than 30 minutes).

    Two awards are assigned among PerSo Short competition films: PerSo Short award given by a jury from FilmTV (Italian magazines) editors and film critics and PerSo Short Jail given by a jury of Prisoners from Perugia District Prison, Casa Circondariale di Capanne (PG).

    The award assigned by the Jury of Prisoners gives an amazing opportunity to film directors to show their work inside Perugia District Prison. Directors also have the chance to attend the screening in the prison and to debate with the Jury in person.

    Among the works awarded in this categoryLa Reina di Manuel Abramovich (ed.2015), Lamoreverticale di Teresa Paoli (ed.2015), Superjednostka di Teresa Czepiec (ed. 2016), Metaphor or Sadness Inside Out di Catarina Vasconcelos (ed.2016), A Well Guarded Conflict di Steffi Wurster (ed. 2017), One Day in Aleppo di Ali Alibrahim (ed.2017).

    Prizes to be won:

    PerSo Short Award: € 1.000 to the best short documentary film, awarded by the FilmTV jury

    PerSo Short Jail: € 1.000 to the best short documentary film, awarded by the Jury of Prisoners

    Umbria in Celluloide

    A social theme Film competition reserved to work set in Umbria or made by authors from Umbria

    Umbria in Celluloide is a competition category dedicated to social themes films – documentaries, fiction or animation – set in Umbria or made by authors from Umbria.

    With this section PerSo Film Festival’ goal is to spread and encourage the distribution and the production of film from Perugia’s region: Umbria


    From 2015 to 2017 the prize was awarded by a Jury of Migrants and Asylum Seekers (link), in collaboration with ARCI (2015-2016 edition) and with the Perusia Cooperative ( 2017 edition). In 2018 the award was assigned by a representative of cinema owner from Umbria

    Among the works awarded in this category: Soccantare by Bellani-Grugher (2015 edition), Coming from by Alfredo Federico (2016 edition), Wiwanana by Iacopo Patierno (2017 edition), La botta grossa by Sandro Baldoni (2018 edition).


    PerSo Umbria in Celluloide: € 1.000 to the best film


    PerSo Masterpiece

    Non-competitive category that aims to present some of the most important and prestigious documentary films from the latest international season. The objective of PerSo Masterpiece is to offer an overview of the international excellences of the genre. In the second and third edition of the Festival a PerSo Masterpiece was a competitive category. Winners were A Family Affair by Tom Fassaert (2016 edition) and Viejo Calavera by Kiro Russo (2017 edition).

    Cinema della Follia

    PerSo Film Festival is organized by La Città del Sole Foundation – NON-PROFIT which has been dealing in Psychiatry field since more than twenty years in Perugia, that is why the Festival shows the world of Psychiatry and mental illness through the Cinema. Since Zero Edition, PerSo has dedicated a retrospective to films that, since the 70s, document the world of Psychiatry in all its aspects.

    Among the films presented in this category we can mention: Un Silenzio Particolare by Stefano Rulli, Per Ulisse by Giovanni Cioni, The Special Need by Carlo Zoratti, 87 ore by Costanza Quatriglio, San Clemente by Raymond Depardon, Cimap! Cento Italiani matti a Pechino by Giovanni Piperno, Matti da Slegare by Rulli/Bellocchio/Petraia/ Agosti.

    Retrospective reviews

    Every year PerSo dedicates retrospective screenings to specific social themes or authors.

    2015 edition focused its retrospectives on the jury president, Roberto Andò, and on the topic of Work. We screened among the others Il cineasta e il labirinto and Il manoscritto del principe by Roberto Andò and Workingman’s death by Michael Glawogger and The Navigators by Ken Loach for the Retrospective about Work.

    2016 edition presented a retrospective on the jury president, Daniele Luchetti, and the Retrospective about School. Some of the films screened: ‘12 Pomeriggi’ and La nostra vita (link) by Daniele Luchetti and La mia classe by Daniele Gaglianone and Diario di un maestro by Vittorio De Seta.

    In 2017, the retrospective was entirely dedicated to the new president of the Festival, Giovanni Piperno, screening two of his films: Cimap! Cento Italiani matti a Pechino and This is my sister.