Clara Sereni award

PerSo Film Festival is very proud to assign Clara Sereni Award.
It is a special award dedicated to the best psychiatric themed film. The recently departed Clara Sereni was the founder of La Città del Sole – ONLUS Foundation and the Festival named this award after her.
In 2018 Edition, for Clara Sereni Award competed the following films: Druzina by Rok Bicek, Rêver sous le capitalisme by Sophie Bruneau, Mon amour mon ami by Adriano Valerio, Esercizi di cattiveria by Giancarlo Pastonchi and SPK Komplex by Gerd Kroske.
SPK Komplex won 2018 Clara Sereni Award.
Every Edition PerSo film Festival arranges psychiatric themed screenings and events; in 2018 Edition the focus was on the 40th Anniversary of Legge Basaglia, a law who completely changed the approach to psychiatry in Italy back in ’70.

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